Напишите пожалуйсата рассказ по английскому на тему: !!!незабываемый подарок, который ты или твои друзья получили или день, который тебе запомнился или важное событие в твоей семье или необычный случай, который ты слышал.


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                                   The most unusual story I've heard.
   Not so long ago, my friend told me a very unusual story, which he'd read in Spiegel. I'm sure everyone's heard, that rock music is harmful for plants, and animals. Apparently, wolves are not fans of rock music as well!  More than that , some of them are scared of it!
   This story happened somewhere in the countryside of Norway. A 13-year old boy was walking home from his school bus stop. He was listening to the rock music in his mobile phone, while he noticed 4 wolves on the hillside. At first he thought, that they were just neighbor's dogs, but very soon he realized that they were real wolfs...His mother had told him, that he should never run away from wolves. It is impossible to escape that way, and by trying so, you would encourage them to chase you down. The boy said, that he was really scared and would not be able to run any way. He just pulled out headphones from his cell phone, turn the volume as loud as he could and started yelling, while flailing his arms. Wild animals did not enjoy his heavy metal show. They turned around and trotted away.
    It is hard to say now, what scared wolves more: a strange, yelling boy, or a heavy metal. Probably combination of both. Fortunatly for the boy, his plan worked!  Maybe if Red Robin Hood would listen to the heavy rock, nobody would have to kill big gray wolf.

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A day at the office

When John arrived at work,he knew it was going to be a bad day.His friend Simon  bought two coffees and explained what happened the night before.There was a large storm in the night and the electricity supply wasn't working.They couldn't use their computers until they were fixed the next day.They had a big project to complete by five o'clock and now this was impossible.John and Simon decided fo explain the situation to their boss.Their boss didn't understand and fired them on the spot!))))))))))))