Coчинить 10 предложений с поданных слов:
There is .......there are.....
next to; behind; in the middle of; under; near; on; in front of ; above; in the corner; between; around; to the left/ right of


Ответы и объяснения

There is my telephone.
There are table, chair, arm-chair in my room.
My bedroom next to the chair.
Сopybook stands behind the book.
The carpet in the middle of the room.
My bag under the table.
My toy near the window.
My pen on the table.
The bed in front of the arm-chair.
The book above the notebook.
The ball in the corner.
The arm-chair between the table and the sofa.
The mirror around the cabinet.
 The paper to the left side.
Shirt is the right-hand side.