The growth

The growth of tourism infrastructure related to the base of Ayers Rock, or Uluru began in the 1950s. Soon it started to produce adverse ____________impacts. ENVIRONMENT

B12 It was decided in the early 1970s to remove all accommodation-related tourist facilities and re-establish them outside the park. In 1975, _____________a of 104 square kilometres of land beyond the park's northern boundary was chosen as the site for a new resort. RESERVE

B13 A year or two later, the __________ of a tourist facility and an associated airport, to be known as Yulara started.


B14 The camp ground within the park was closed in 1983 and the motels closed in late 1984, coinciding with the opening of the luxurious resort. In 1992, the majority interest in the Yulara resort held by the Northern Territory __________ was sold and the resort was renamed Ayers Rock Resort. GOVERN

B15 Since listing the park as a World Heritage Site, the annual number of ________rose to over 400,000 people by the year 2000. VISIT

B16 Increased tourism provides regional and national economic benefits. It also presents an ongoing challenge to balance conservation of ______ values and tourists' needs. CULTURE


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