Написать сочинение про монстров, типа лохнесского чудовища, боюсь или нет, верю или нет, с кем хочу встретится и что буду делать при встрече. На английском языке..

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The baba-yaga is one of the most negative estimates of character and an external image of the woman. And one of the annoying. Actually, if to deal with deep sense of such phenomenon as the Baba-yaga, our attitude towards her can change in a certain measure. "According to the Russian Tradition, the image of the Baba-yaga is connected with legends about transition of the hero to the other world (A fairy kingdom). In these legends the Woman - Yaga standing on border of the worlds, serves as the conductor allowing the hero to get into the world dead" * (to kill Zmey Gorynych or to ruin Koschei the Immortal to return (to release) the bride (country), thanks to commission of certain rituals.
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