И что нужно делать в этом задание? Бесмысленно.

Ответы и объяснения

  • Pauel
  • профессор
I believe that the choice of the future profession is one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. It is especially important nowadays, when the life has become very active and dynamic, so that it is impossible to waste your time on things you have no interest in. As for me, I have decided not only to get a diploma in engineering, but also to work as an engineer after graduating from the university
There are several reasons for why I have chosen this profession. First of all I have always had gift for technical subjects rather than for the humanities. In spite of the fact that to work as an engineer is not so easy, I am sure that I’ll cope with all the difficulties, because such work appeals to me. The thing is that it is very interesting for me to cope with difficult situations and find right solutions to the problems. I am sure I’ll never be bored by the job of an engineer, because my personal characteristics suit this profession.
Secondly, I have to admit that my parents have also influenced me a little. To be more exact they didn’t just tell me which profession to chose. But what they asked me to do was to decide in favour of specialty where the contest is not very tense. At the same time this profession should have been reliable, promising and by all means serious. I think that the profession of engineer combines in itself all these characteristics, so I’ve managed to fulfill my parents’ will.
Thirdly, my choice depended on the university that I was going to enter. It is well-known, that (напиши здесь университет, который есть в  твоем городе) is one of the best universities in our city. Besides, it is one of the best technical educational institutions in our country, which is respected by our colleagues from St. Petersburg or Moscow. I would like also to mention the lecturers and teachers, who really make it possible to get such high standards. I am certainly lucky to deal with such people, because they make me sure that I’ll get a proper education and will be prepared for work.