1. Сложное дополнение с глаголами желания.Закончите предлож1. Сложное дополнение с глаголами желания.Закончите предложения, употребляя сложное дополнение.1)“My daughter will study at a private school, - says the woman. The woman prefers ...2)You must watch this program, - said my friend to me. My friend would like...3)Fix the shelf in the kitchen, my father said to me. - My father wanted...4)Don't arrive late! - says the manager to the egineer. The manager doesn't want... 5)Take your sun-glasses, - says mother to her daughter. Mother wishes ...


Ответы и объяснения

1) The woman would prefer her daughter to study at a private school.
2) My friend would like me to watch this program.
3) My f. wanted me to fix the shelf in the kitchen.
4) The m. doesn't want me to to arrive late.
5) Mother wishes her daughter took her sunglasses.