нужно сочинение по английскому не с интернета...Название Уютный дом


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I want to live in a spacious two-story house with large windows with carved architraves. On the roof have to be bright red tiles, and on the ridge, as in the tales of Pushkin, I'll put a cock, which he'll cut and decorated in the most incredible, bright colors.
Around the house I'll put necessarily, birch, fir and chestnut. In front of the house I will have a large garden, not only for me and my family, but for the bees.
The house on the first floor, I will have a spacious kitchen equipped with modern appliances, living room, where the fireplace is sure to be, and the whole family will bask beside him cold evenings. Next will be in a room, a library, and in it - Russian, Ukrainian, foreign classics, literature, politics and sports, animals, cooking. I will certainly equip a room for sports with modern training and mini-pool.
On the second floor I would have a computer room where my brother can do. Lessons.Bedrooms for us and Mom and Dad will go out the windows on the east, to get up with the first rays of the sun.
The ceilings in the house would be high on the walls hang reproductions of paintings I known artists or tapestries. I put the furniture, soft, sleek, low, not the brand, because the house is sure to be a dog to live. I want to be in the house were two televisions - one in the living room, the second - in the computer room. Then my brother and I can watch cartoons or fantasy at a time when mom or dad watching the TV series became interested in sports news.
My house is large, warm and comfortable. Its doors are always open for friends

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My dream house is almost ready.It is located in the center of Odessa,in an expensive area. There're many cafes,restaurants,branded stores, a cinema and a garden to relax.The house is located on the 10th floor.From the window you can see the beutiful buildings.The house is comfortable and bright.A great hall and a large enterance hall look great.Beautiful curtains decorate the room.My room is small.It includes large bed,side tables,a desk,a chair,a lamp and a wardrobe.There is also a bathroom in my room.I like my room.))))))))))))