составить маленький рассказ про санкт-питербург по английски 3 класс

St. Petersburg is very large and beautiful city.
It has a lot of attractions.
large, attractions - сложновато для 3 класса же.

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Ну, раз третий класс, то напишем элементарно и коротко)

hi, i want to tell you about st.Petersburg. it's very beautiful and big city. everybody wants to visit it. it was capital of russia. 

Although just 300 years old, St. Petersburg has a rich and exciting history, full of dramatic events and major historical figures. Founded in 1703 by Emperor Peter the Great as his "window on the West", St. Petersburg enjoys a vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere and some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe. For those interested in culture and history, St. Petersburg is the perfect holiday destination. St. Petersburg is also famous for its theatres, most of which give performances not only in Russia, but also in European countries. The most famous theatre among others is the Mariinsky Opera House. The performances in this theatre are always a great success. St. Petersburg's most renowned novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky in perhaps his greatest novel "The Brothers Karamazov" wrote about three brothers who represent three worlds: the intellectual, the spiritual, and the sensual. And no matter which world you more closely identify with, we believe that modern St. Petersburg offers a fascinating juxtaposition of all these worlds, which will make your stay here a unique and memorable one. 
Whether you are walking along one of the Venice of the North's many picturesque canals or the wide Neva River during a dreamy white night, taking in the world-renowned ballet at the Mariinsky Theater on a magical winter evening, enjoying an early autumn afternoon in one the city's outstanding suburban parks, or delighting in the world-class art collection at the Hermitage Museum, you are sure to appreciate the unique beauty and rich culture of the city on the Neva. My favourite place in Saint Petersburg is the Yusupovsky Garden. It stands between the Fontanka River and the Sadovaya Street next to the Railway Museum. Peter The Great gave this garden to Prince Yusupov as a present. The Yusupovsky Garden was named Children park after the World War 2. It’s a perfect place to have a picnic in summer and in winter there are skating competitions. The 1970s and the early 1980s were a period of stability for the Soviet Union and for Leningrad. Though political freedoms were greatly limited, most of the city's population enjoyed relative prosperity. When the government initiated the reforms known worldwide as Perestroika, stability rapidly disappeared and the population began experiencing economic hardship as the government quibbled over reforms. In 1991, after a city-wide referendum, the city of Leningrad returned to its original name - St. Petersburg. 
Now, just after the turn of the new millenium St. Petersburg is still in a transition period, both economically and socially. While the city's industries is still in recession, services and retail sales are gradually improving and more and more foreign businesses are being attracted to the city;s new business climate. Although, still far behind Moscow in economic terms, St. Petersburg had become a modern, rapidly growing commercial city. On the social side, St. Petersburg's younger generations are coping admirably with the economic changes, but unemployment remains high and families and pensioners struggle desperately to make ends meet. 
Despite the city's disapointing loss of the bid for the 2004 Olympic Games, the people of St. Petersburg look optimistically to the future and welcome guests to the city and its booming tourist industry. St. Peteresburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and we feel we have to prove it! Just take a look at our Virtual Tour, we love this city and we are convinced you'll love it too! Знаю что не маленький.)))