Составьте из слов предложения:

1. lessons, many, did, How, miss, you, while, ill, you, were?
2. people, heartless, Only, are, kind, not, to, and, birds, animals.
3. decided, girl, The, to, bring, kitten, the, home, to take, and, of, it, care.
4. harm, exercise, you, It, again, won`t, if, do, you, any, this.
5. the, near, armchair, looking-glass, The, it, big, and, reflected, the, bed.


Ответы и объяснения

How many lessons did you miss while you were ill?
only heartless people are not kind to birds and animals.
the girl decided to bring the kitten home and to take care of it.
It won't harm exercise if you do any this again.