1. put the verb into the correct form(present perfect or pr.perfect continuous) a.where have you been?___(you\play) tennis? b.ot is still raining?no,it __(stop) c.look!somebody ___(break)that window d.sorry!i'm late . that's all right.I __(not towait)long 2.rewrite these sentences in the reported speech a."I'm going to learn to drive"he said b.diana told me"i liked this hotel very much c. I asked "where is the bank?" d.peter told helen "Il see you in the morning"


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1. Have you been playing tennis?
2. No, it has stopped
3. Somebody has broken that window
4. I haven't been waiting long
a. he said that he was going to learn to drive
b. diana told that she had liked that hotel very much
c.I asked where was the bank
d.peter told helen that he would see her in the morning