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I hope to get a little kitten for this New Year. That is what I want the most. I am dreaming for a little kitty for years. May be this time I would finally get it, my small fuzzy ball with beautiful green eyes. I like cats very much: they are not just very nice, but also clever and independent animals with a high self esteem. I would call my handsome kitty Pushok.
I would play with Pushok every day. He would not be bored with me. I would make him toys from feathers and papers. I also can train my cat, like Kukochev trained his, and my Pushok would perform different tricks, like a real artist. I would make only healthy food for my pet, and of course my Pushok will sleep with me in my bed.
I think, that a little kitten is a best present, for a best holiday- New Year. I hope, this time my dream will come true.