прошу вас очень спочно нужно сделать небольшой спектакль

помогите Сделать спектакль о Люкси Локси. Ваша игра должна иметь четырех действиях.
Акт 1: Томас и Люси влюбляются.

Акт 2: Дорд Крістон и сэр Роджер устроивают брак.
Акт 3: Люси отказывается жениться на лорде кристоне

Акт 4: Сэр Роджер замикает в комнате Люси, и она выпрыгивает из окна.
плиз прошу сочините , и если можете на английском, если нет, то хотяби на русском.!!!!!

(каждому гдето по 5 реплик!!)


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1. Thomas: Hello, Lucy!

L: Hi, Tommy!

T. Haven't seen you for ages! Where have you been?  You look so nice!

L.  Thanks, you look very beautiful too. I've been to Australia, by the way.

T. Can you tell me more about it, please?

L. What about going for a walk?

T.  Yes, with great pleasure. (walk out)

2. sir Roger: Hello, mr. Criston.

C. I'm glad to see you, sir. Roger.

R. So, you said, you have something to talk about, didn't you?

C. Yes, I did. I wanted to talk if I could marry Lucy.

R. It's really pretty idea! I think you're the best husband for her

C. So, let's talk about date of marriage (unexpectedly Lucy comes).

3. L. What did you say? Which marriage?

R. Lucy, mr. Criston thinks you are approriate wife for him. He's very respected man and...

L. But I love Tom!

R. Tom? Who is Tom? I don't care who you love!

L. I'll never marry Criston!

4. R. Then you'll sit in your room forever! (locks Lucy in her room)

L. It's not worth living at all... If I can't live with Tom alive, then I'll live with him whem I'm dead! (jumps into the window).



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       ...Lucy sitting in the room, drinking tea. Thomas coming into the room.

L:I cannot believe my eyes!

T:It's been only 5 years, since we saw each other, but you changed so much!

L: I missed you so much!

T:I thought I would never see you again You know, only after you left, I understood, how much I love you.

L: Ow! I love you too, but now it's too late! I am here to merry Lord Kriston... My uncle is here with me, arranging my marriage.

T: Lucy,then you have to run away with me! I will wait under your bedroom window tonight, with my horses!


C:I cannot dream about better spouse, than Lucy! She is very beautiful, well educated and very young!

Thank you so much!

R: My pleasure!We are very happy, that you agree to marry her. After her parents died she needs somebody, who can give her support and stability.

C: And someone who knows how to invest her money too!

R: you are absolutely right! I do not know any better candidate then you are! C: I am happy to hear that!

                                                   -Both laughing


L: Ancle, I am not sure anymore, if I want to merry Lord Criston.  

R:My dear, we do not have anybody better, than him. You are so lonly, after you lost your perents. You need some body to love you, to care about you.

L:NO! That is not true! I am so happy to tell you, that Thomas proposed for me just an hour ago.

R:His parents are bankrupt! We are not eve going to discuss that! You absolutely cannot marry him! Go in to your room! now!


                           sir Roger looking up Lucy in her room.

R: I know, you are upset now. You would thank me latter!

L: I do not need money! I do not care if his parents are bankrupts! I want to be loved, and to love!

R: Let's stop this stupid argument! You are going to mary Lord Criston! He would give you life, which your parents always wanted for you!

L: I don't need life without love!

            She is jumping out from her window, and running away with Thomas.