Сделайте пожалуйста.

Fill the gaps with pronouns in proper form. Translate.

1. This is my house. Do you like ..? 2. Sam is very nice. Do you know ...? 3. Those are your letters. Take … 4. He doesn’t like animals. He is afraid of …5. Sally never drinks tea, because she hates …6. He is so cute! Just look at … 7. I don’t want this book, you may take … 8. Where are my shorts, mom? I can not find … 9. I think I lost my keys. Did you see …? 10. I often eat vegetables for lunch. I like ..! 11. Tim always thinks about Nora. I think he likes …12. I’ll be right back. Wait for …, please! 13. She didn’t come yesterday. Do you know what have happened to …? 14. I want some bread. Can … pass … to …? Please? 15. Your friends were so kind. Thank … !


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