Составить 5 предложений на тему : why do you like to spend home alone?(почему ты любишь оставаться дома один?) 5 предлож на тему why do you take up this occupation? (Почему тебе нравится это занaтие)

мне поможет кто нибуть
I like being home alone because ... И пиши почему тебе нравится когда ты один ! ? Что ты делаешь ? И тому подобное все просто !

Ответы и объяснения

I like to be home alone. Somebody likes to be always in public, but this is not about me.  When I am at home, I have time to read, to watch TV in silence. At this moment nobody doesn't distract me. I spend a lot of time at school with my classmates. But when I am in my room I can rest alone.

I like reading and watching TV, because these are two occupations of different times. Reading is an old occupation, when TV was discovered in XX-century. When I read I learn a lot of things that I can't learn by watchig TV. But when I watch it, I discover those things what was happened recently. In short, I like to stay alone at home

думаю я тебе помогла, удачи!