Помогите написать сочинение на тему "Arguments against TV" из решебников не предлагать.


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Millions of people are fond of watching. There are many different TV programmes, shows, soups, interesting films, advertisements, news, plays to watch. My parents spend a lot of time watching everything. Of course, sometimes they show something interesting but not very often.  If somewhere something important or dangerous takes place journalists will report these events on TV, but their endless soups are awful. Other people say that television is becoming a national disease. I agree with them.  Lots of my friends are fond of watching but I have to confess, I hate TV programmes. I think it's waste of time. And I think that they damage their eyes, become lazy, put on their weight and have no time to do sports or to read books.  I prefer doing sports, playing games in the open air and taking part in different sport competitions.