Ребята,помогите...!Мне нужно ответить на вопрос,но не очень коротко и не очень длинно, примерно предложений 7!what kind of holiday do you prefer?f beach holiday or a holiday in a big city?И написать минусы того что не выбрали!

например i like holiday on the beach? because it's very nice.

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  • neznajkin
  • почетный грамотей
We live in the country where winter lasts much longer than summer. There are not many sunny days in Russia especially in cold seasons. That's why I would choose beach holidays. I think it is a wonderful possibility to relax from the roar of a big city. On the beach one may enjoy beauty and silence of the nature which is impossible in the city. Of course, one may lack modern conveniences being far from the civilization. However, I suppose that it is useful sometimes to stop and to think over our way and tempo of life. So, let big city provide us with work and let beaches bring us holiday pleasure.