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1.       Have you done helped your mother with the housework? – Yes, I have.
2.       Have you ever seen your great-grandmother? – No, I haven’t.
3.       Have you ever taken a photo of your family? – Yes, I have.
4.       Have you gathered together with your family? – Yes, I have.
5.       Have you discussed your school problems with your parents? – Yes, I have.
1.      Have you already been at the seaside with your family? – Yes, we have already been at  the seaside with my family.
2.      Has your brother sent you an invitation to the party? – No, he hasn`t sent me an invitation to the party.
3.      How many times have you been at your mother` house? — I have been at my mother` house only twice.
4.      Have your father ever been in car accidents? — Unfortunately, he has already been in car accidents three times.
5.      Have your family always interested in politics? – No, my family has never interested in politics.