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Olympic Games
Lots of people in the world are fond of sport, because it’s not only healthy, but also spectacular and exciting. For these reason people have started the Olympic Games. They have appeared in 776 BC in Ancient Greece, where people every four years held festivals to please the ancient God Zeus. Later on the Games have disappeared and were revived in the present era, in 1896. The first modern Olympics took place in the capital of Greece, Athens. The old tradition to hold the Games every four years was also revived. So, from then on the Olympic Games took place every four years in different cities of the world. At certain times, such as Second World War, the games were forbidden. The Olympic Games are considered to be the biggest international sports games, which unite people from all over the world. There are two types of Olympic Games: Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics. Ancient Greeks didn’t have Winter Games, so the first Winter Olympics were held in 1924 in France. The official emblem of the Olympic Games is a colourful flag with five interlinked rings. The colours of the rings are blue, red, yellow, green and black, because every country in the world has at least one of these colours on their national flag. Another idea sees in each colour a certain continent, for example, blue colour symbolizes Europe, yellow- Asia, red – America, black – Africa and green – Australia. The Olympic Games have been held in many countries, and Russia is no exception. In 1980 the 22nd Olympic Games took place in Moscow, and in 2014 they are going to be held in Sochi.