Сочинить небольшое сочинение (15 предложений желательно) про свои (мои) обязонности. Если можете переведите (только правильно!)ЗА РАНЕЕ ОГРОМНОЕ СПАСИБО!!!


Ответы и объяснения

My name is ... I'm ... Years old. I’d like to tell you about my household chores. Many children in our country have some responsibilities around the house. I’d like to tell you about my household chores. I have my own household chores, as well as, other members of my family. Cooking is the main responsibility of my mum and I sometimes help her with that. My own chores include washing the dishes, cleaning the dust and vacuum cleaning. My father is responsible for repairing some devices and objects in our flat.
 In my opinion, having certain responsibilities is very important. It helps to understand and respect other people’s work, and also to overcome laziness.