Вставить артикли a/an
1. We are going to be late. Let`s take __ taxi, shall we?
2. It he going to ___ Paris or ___ London next year
3. The trip was very tiring and ____ train was three hours late
4. Wouls you like going by ___ train on by __ air
5. It was stuffy in the bus ___ passengers were hot and angry.
6. There was nobody at the station. Only ___ taxi driver was waiting for ___ rare passengers to take them to their hotels.


Ответы и объяснения

1) a
2) ничего
3) a
4) a, an
5) ничего
6) a, a
Вставить артикли
1 I think helping- elderly people is necessary.I help_ elderly people at _ local nursing home
2 I volunteer at the local RSPCA/ I help to feed _ animals and clean _ cage
3My friends and I support __ needy children in poor contries . We provide them __ with _Food and _ clothes
4 At my school we collected _ clothes for UNICEF ___ clothes went to _- children in need
5 My school raises _ money for _ charity Them we donate _ money to different charities