Напишите пожалуйста текст на английском про Вымирающих животных, не большой текст


Ответы и объяснения

Rare are types to which now disappearance yet doesn't threaten, but they meet in such small amount or in such limited territories that can disappear at adverse change of habitat under the influence of natural or anthropogenous factors. In other words, under the influence of, say, adverse climatic conditions, natural disasters (earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes, mudflows, floods, storms, tornadoes, etc.) because of sharp difference of temperatures, abundance of an atmospheric precipitation and other reasons, and also as it is told above, under the influence of anthropogenous factors. And it means - from vigorous activity of people in this or that area of dwelling of animals and plants without preservation of their shelters and food supply, as a result of replacement of animals from territories occupied by them, destruction of spawning areas or gnezdoviya, the wrong application of toxic chemicals and mineral fertilizers. Factors of concern of animals, their unregulated production and, of course, poaching have great value also is really terrible for animals and the shameful phenomenon for society.
Disappearing animals, by definition of the Red List are those types which are under the threat of the disappearance which rescue is impossible without implementation of special measures. What, in brief, these measures? The most strict and absolute prohibition of production, maximum preservation of habitat, creation of wildlife areas, reserves and others state резерватов. Creation of special nurseries for the contents for the purpose of studying of their biology in the conditions of bondage or semi-free existence without damage to health and with a problem of acclimatization or reacclimatization, and the main thing, reproduction for increase in number. Strict isolation of animals from various factors of concern is thus necessary from people and technical means operated by them.