Написата діалог на трьох осіб на тему " Література, мій улюблений письменник.


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- hi anne how was your Literature lesson today ?

=it was just great ! i realy enjoy this lesson ! its one of my favarite! how about you david? do you like it??

-well ...

-wait let me tell you how he likes it !! buy the way hi im jane daves sister !

-oh ! hi david didnt tell that he has a sister ! nice to meet you!

-nice to meet you too ! oh i was talking about him he is not a real fan of Literature but iam !

- ohh! how is your favarite writer?

-they are alot of them ! it takes too much time to count and tell them to you !

-i undrastand you ! do you know any thing about fameus russian writer Pushkin ! 

-yeah ! we just talked about him at last lesson! his one of my favarite though!

-girls arent you tired of these converscion?

- ohh ! sorry dave i already forget that you are here too!