Insert “it is”
or “there is”.

1. … a highly
developed heavy industry in the UK.
… shipbuilding, coal mining and steel production.

2. … certain powers
and rights that the Queen has. … the Queen who signs every Bill.

3. London is the largest financial centre. …
some Stock Exchanges there. Some are known all over the world. And first of all
… the London
Stock Exchange.

4. Tourism is very
important to the British economy. … a lot of places of interest in the country.
Royal residence is among them. … Buckingham

5. … four parts in
the UK.
is the largest part. … the most developed part.

6. … two houses in
the British Parliament. The House of Commons is presided over the Speaker. … an
elected chamber.

7. In the UK everything
is done in the name of the Queen. … her government, her armed forces and so on.


Ответы и объяснения

1. there is/ there is.
2. there are/ it is
3. there are/ it is
4. there are/ it is
5. there are/ it is
6. there are/ it is
7. it is.