Use the verbs in the correct form the Present Perfect or the Present Perfect Continuous 1. How long (save) for Christmas and New Year present? 2. 2. (Save) you enough money for the New Year party? 3. 3. How long (buy) food in the same shop? 4. 4. (Buy) you any New Year and Christmas presents for your friends and family yet? 5. 5. What (do) you? You look so tired! 6. 6. Look what you (do)! You break Mum’s favourite cup1 7. 7. She (write) New Year postcards all afternoon. She write thirty of them! Can you believe? 8. 8. He is a famous footballer. He (play) for the national team a few times. 9. 9. How long your parents (save) with the same bank?


Ответы и объяснения


1. have you been saving

2. have you saved

3. have you been buying

4. have you bought

5. have you been doing

6. have done

7. has been writting

8. has played

9. have been saving