Сочинение по инглишу My Future ВОТ ПУНКТЫ
4.Страна/ город
8. Хобби
9. Путешествия


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I want have a кариера.and have a big family and chindren.
Эмм.... спасибо конечно) Но мне бы сочинение))
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Постараюсь писать на уровне 6-ого класса.
I want to tell you about my plans for the future.
I want to become a doctor because I think that people's health is the most precious thing. I will be a pediatrician.
I have a lot of brothers and sisters. So I will have a lot of children, for example, four or five.
I will live in a big house with garden and swimming pool. I don't like living in a small and hot flats.
I like living in Russia, but I am also interested in culture and language of Great Britain. I will have two houses: the first house will be in Russia and the second house will be in London.
I will do sports a lot because it is useful for our health.
I want to be rich, but doctors don't get much money in Russia.
I really love cats. I will have six cats and one dog in my future house.
I will read and play the piano a lot. Piano's sounds are very relaxing and soft.
I will travel all over the world, and I will visit Great Britain at first. I want to see Big Ben, Tower of London, animals at the London Zoo, walt in the Hyde Park, etc.