Помогите написать письмо пожалуйста.............Вот письмо: Summer is coming and I want to look my best: healthy, energetic and physically fit. So I'm trying to eat plain, simply cooked natural food, have enough sleep at night and I have recently joined our local fitness club. Do you do anything special to stay healthy? What makes people healthy and strong? What do you think about a healthy lifestyle? By the way, I'm going to spend a month at the seaside this summer...... Ответьте на ее 3 вопроса, и задайте ей 3 вопроса, о том как она провела летние каникулы


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1.       As for me I try to do my morning exercises, run a little bit in the morning and play volleyball from time to time. So I am in good form.
2.       Doing some sport is the best way of being healthy and strong. To achieve this aim people should take care of their physical and mental health.
3.       A healthy lifestyle should include not only some sports activities such as football, swimming, cycling, skiing, skating, roller-skating, which are very important to people of different ages, but also a healthy diet. Healthy food is also a very important factor. It helps protect our body from a wide range of diseases; the most dangerous are heart diseases, liver diseases, and cancer.  
When did you go on your holidays? With whom did you go on holidays? Did you like your summer holiday?