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Say the same in a different way.Follow the model.
model: the field of Mr.Smith - Mr. Smith,s field
1/ the house of the little pig2/ the money of the robbers3/ the knitting- needles of the old man4/ the axe of the old man5/ the cave of Foxy-woxy6/ the palace of the king
use a / an or the
1/ Suddenly_________ acorn fell and hit her on_________ head.2/ Oh,___________ sky is falling, said Henny-penny.3/ But you are going___________ wrong way, said Foxy-woxy.4/ Shall I show you________ right way?


Ответы и объяснения

1. The little pig's house.
2. The robbers' money.
3. The old man's knitting-needles
4. The old man's axe
5. Foxy-woxy's cave
6. The king's palace.

1. the acorn  .the head (а лучше -her head)   2. the sky   3. the wrong way
4. the right way