Поставь глаголы,данные в скобках ,в Past simple или present perfect.

I 1)_______(take up) the sport when I 2)_____(be) at school.I still remember the first time I 3)_____(try) to skin.I 4)_____(slip) on the ice and 5)______(break) my ankle.Thankfully,I 6)_______(not/have) a serious accident since then.Last year, I 7)____(try) ice-skating for the very first time. I 8)_____(slip) on the ice rink a couple of times since then but I 9)_____(not/break) anything.Two years ago,I 10)_____(take) snowboarding lessons.I 11)_______(not/like) it because I 12)______(find)it a little dangerous.I 13)______(not/play) ice-hockey yet.There's a game tomoorrow.I can't wait to go!


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1) took up 2) was   3)tried 4)slept 5) breaken 6)had not  7)tried  8)slep 9)  not breaken 10 ) took 11)not liked 12)found 13)not played