Поставь глаголы, данные в скобках , в Present perfect или Past simple.

A)1)Ann:_Did you_ go on holiday last year?

Costas:Yes,I 2) ___(go) to Spain.3)_______(you /ever/be) there?

Ann:Yes,I 4)_________(go) there two years ago.


Maria:I 5)______(sell) my old radio.

Helen:Really?When 6)_________(you/sell) it?

Maria:I 7)_______(sell) it yesterday.


Ian: I 8)_______(go) to the new sports centre yesterday.

Josh:Really?I 9)_________(not/be) there yet.What's it like?

Ian:It's fantastic!I 10)_______(never/see) anything like it before.


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2. went

3. have you ever been

4. went

5. have sold

6. did you sell

7. sold

8. went

9. haven't been

10. have never seen