To become a professional lawyer, you need to learn: you need to master a variety of legal terms, concepts, just to understand the huge amount of codes, laws need to be a psychologist for that people don't panic and can successfully defend their rights.All this requires a good memory, endurance, stamina and courage.That is why not all people can be lawyers, but only a few. In this category, and I am.I think I will succeed. People often say to me that the country has in recent years produced a hug
I think I will succeed. I often say that the country has in recent years produced a huge number of lawyers and their wages low, many graduates do not work in the specialty
I think that for a qualified professional is always a decent job.
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I always wanted to choose a profession that would be associated with communication, I think that I am very communicative and fair man.That's why I want my future profession will be a lawyer.In my opinion, the legal profession is very honorable.And to work as a lawyer - so do good to people, to seek justice in accordance with the law.