Составить как можно больше предложений!!!!Из данных слов.
The book yesterday
I evening
We were
The cat was 5 minutes ago
Den and Jerry last weekend
Their child an hour ago
Many birds in the morning
2 hours ago
yesterday afternoon


Ответы и объяснения

1) The book is very interesting.
2) I was done lessons 5 minutes ago.
3) We are friendly.
4) The cat is funny.
5) Den and Jerry were palyed yesterday.
6) Their chlid play now.
7) Many birds sing songs at this moment.
8) My family go last weekend to Italy.
9) I like to weik up in the morning.
10) My friends go to me 2 hours ago.
11) I will read books this evening.
12) My friens will go to school afternoon.