Помогите английский решить 1. My friend invited me ______ at her house. a) stay b) staying c) to stay 2. We were so tired so we often stopped ______ a rest. a) to have b) have c) having 3. They always made ______ at home. a) to stay b) stay c) staying 4. She enjoys _________ to music. a) to listen b) listen c) listening 5. Math ________ a difficult subject for me. a) am b) is c) are 6. He has been sleeping __________ two hours. a) at b)for c) since 7. Is there_________ meat? We need to buy _______. a) some b) any c) no 8. This problem __________discussed at our last meeting. a) will be b) has be c) was 9. She has been reading the book _______ 5 o’clock. a) for b) since c) at 10.________ you go to the disco last week. a) do b) will c) did 11. She said: “I am having breakfast”. a) She said she has been having breakfast. b) She said she was having breakfast. 12. I usually go to _______ bed early. a) the b) - c) a d) an 13. I_____________ come with you if __________finish translating this article. a) will/will b) -/will c) will/- d) -/- 14. Sportsmen arrived in ______ Almaty on ______ twenty-first of July. a) the/the b) the/- c)-/- d) -/the 15. Spring begins ________ March. a) of b) in c) on 16. We asked if he ________ to join us. a) wants b) wanted c) will want 17. Turn _________ the light. It is 11 o’clock already. a) on b) off c) down d) up 18. I was born ________ 1978. a) on b) at c) to d) in 19. In winter the days are _______ than in autumn. a) short b) shortest c) as short d) shorter 20. When I entered the classroom the lesson _______ . a) had already start b) was already started c) had already started 21. One day Mark Twain was traveling in France by train. He was going to a small town near Paris. He asked the conductor to wake him up when they got to the town and went to sleep. It was early morning when he woke up. The train was already near Paris. Mark Twain ran up to the conductor and cried: “I asked you to wake me up! Why didn’t you do it?” The conductor answered: “You may be angry, sir, but not so angry as the American whom I put off the train instead of you”. Mark Twain asked the conductor: a) to help him with his suitcase b) to bring a cup of coffee c) to wake him up d) to show the map e) to walk with him


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1. c) to stay

2. a) to have

3. b) stay 

4. c) listening

5. b) is

6. b) for

7. c) no, a) some

8. c) was

9. b) since

10. c) did

11. a) She said she was having breakfast.

12. a) the

13. c) will/-

14. a) the/the

15. b) in

16. a) wants

17. b) off

18. d) in

19. d) shorter

20. b) was already started

21. c) to wake him up