Помогите написать небольшой текст про то что дети в россии серьёздно относятся к благотворительности


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What is charity? Charity is care provided to the poor people, which does not require anything in return. In my memory there were cases when teenagers senior and middle classes in the school offered their small clothes, children's book and then this things were taken to orphanages, to somehow help orphans. It is very important. Because of their location can be anyone, these children dream to get at least 10% of what we have. And each of us, looking into the eyes of these children, trying to help. But not only teenagers engage in charity, but children of Junior classes. Though they are  children but they still bring their toys and handmade goods for orphans. They understand that these children have no mom and dad, and they want to share what they have. I think we can be proud of this guys, because they do not remain indifferent towards the poor. And they help not only  children, but also elderly people in their work, and families with many children. The guys are very serious about charity and always happy to help.