Change active into passive 1)They grow bananas in Africa

2) He invinted 30 people to his party

3 ) The architect built this church in 1957

4) The policeman has arrestad the theif

5)The gueen will open a new libary

6)Some people saw anUFO in the sky above London las night.

7)They will ask you a lot of questions at the interview

pomogiTE please to mu spasibo))


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1. Bananas are grown in Africa (by them).

2. 30 people was invited (by him).

3. This church was built by the architect in 1957.

4. The thief has been arrested (by the policeman).

5. A new library will be opened (by the queen).

6. An UFO was seen by some people in the sky above London last night.

7. A lot of questions will be asked to you by them at the interview.