Здравствуйте! Помогите составитьЗдравствуйте! Помогите составить рассказ на английском языке, про свое хобби, мое хобби это занятие боксом.Помогите составить рассказ.Заранее Огромное спасибо. Пожалуйста именно про мое хобби.


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Hobby is an important part of our life. Everyone has a hobby. Some people enjoy playing the guitar, some of them realy like painting. I am keen on sport, that's why my favourite hobby is boxing. This kind of sport is for men. You have to be strong enough to be competitive in boxing. I enjoy the atmosphere of the gym and ring where I train. My friends always support me during the battles. In my opinion, boxing is not just about fighting but it also makes you stronger mentally.