My wife and I live in our present house in the country for five years. We moved here after our second child _____ (BE) born. We ______ (LIVE) in town for ten years, and decided that as soon as we _______ (CAN) afford it, we _______ (MOVE) away from the smoke and thr noise of the city center, which we finally did in 1995. We _______ (REGRET) never it. We ________(REMIND) of the wisdom of our decision every morning when we _______(DRAW) the curtains to see open fields stretching before us. When the children _________(HAVE) breakfast, they ______(RUSH) outside to play, which they _______(DO) whatever the weather. Whilst they _______(PLAY) outside, we somehow manage to start the day.


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Had borned; had lived; could; would move; we have never regretted it; а дальше пока не знаю:(

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was born

have been living


will move

have regretted

are reminded


are having



are playing