напишите пожалуйста сочинение на тему Моё самое страшное приключение


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My most terrible adventure. when I was the baby, well certainly I did not know that such преключение. In due course I learnt the world! And it has helped me. My most terrible adventure was in last year's хеллоуине. It was terrible! In the evening parents have prepared for me a surprise. I thought that they подаят to me what нибудь a toy thinking that I small. I simply dreamt of it. It has appeared a reality! But however it was terrible. My parents the pumpkins which have dressed to the own harm a cap have hidden in my room at night. And suddenly I sleep! I hear any strange and very much even a terrible voice. I have woken up and мн it was terribly terrible. There were it my parents! Having learnt it I so обрадывалась, as a stone from soul свалитлась! Here it an adventure!