Напишите сочинение на английском языке для 5-6 классов. Тема: "Кем я хочу стать и моё хобби". В данном случае - это программист/танцор и хобби-рисование, танцы, программирование, создание сайтов. УМОЛЯЮ!!!


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I want to be a programmer when I grow big because it's a cool and simple operation. Therefore, in our time, as many programmers and getting bigger all the time. 
Programmers do not need to go to school,they need to learn to read in a computer language that they could talk to the computer. I think that they should be able to read well to be able to know what it is, when it's bad. 
Programmers should be boldthat would not be frightened when all mixed up so that no one will not understand, or if you have to speak in English to a foreign language that would know what to do. 
Programmers must have good eyesight,that would see through clothing, and that would not be afraid of the secretaries, because they have to work with. Yeshe I like the salary which programmers get. They get so much money that they do not have time to waste all.This is because everyone thinks the programmer difficult than programmers who know how easy it is. 
There is nothing that I would not like it,except that girls like the programmers and they all want to marry them, and so women have to drive, that would not interfere with work. 
I hope that I do not have allergies to dust office,because our dog I'm allergic. If I have an allergy to dust office, programmer of me will not work and will have to get a real job.
Спасибо огромное! Но можно второй?!