Помогите написать ЭССЕ пожалуйста!!! Some people think that it is possible to get good university education only abroad and preferably in England.


Ответы и объяснения

Many people discuss quality of the education in different countries.  Some of them think that their children must study only abroad in a foreign college or university f.ex. in England. And only there they can  get good knowledge and professional skills. Others believe that it is better to study in a native country. I think England is a good country for getting education. It has a lot of famous and old universities, where many  popular people study. But I think  that  pupils can be taught at native universities just as good as at foreign ones. I think that everything depends on a person. One pupil can study at Oxford but it doesn’t mean that he will get the best education and it doesn’t mean that he will get high-paid job after graduating the university. He can be a looser. And another person can study in his country in his native town in an ordinary college but in future he will be a very popular and successful man. We must also say that, some students who have started to study abroad recently feel the strain of new situation which they are in. Adaptation takes much time for them. Finally, some teachers at foreign universities treat to foreign pupils with disdain. I want to say that people must appreciate education in own countries and must not leave homeland.