1. What title does Prince Charles, the eldest son of the British Queen, have?a) Prince of Britain b) Prince of Ireland c) Prince of Scotland d) Prince of England e) Prince of Wales 2. Which of the U.S President served the longest of all other Presidents?a) George Washington b) George Bush c) Franklin D.Roosevelt d) Abraham Lincoln e) Bill Clinton 3. London became extremely prosperous during …a) the reign of King Alfred b) the 16th century c) the 19th century d) the 10th century e) the 20th century 4. Which of the following is not a state of the USA?a) Alaska b) Washington, D.C. c) California d) Oklahoma e) Alabama 5. Robinson Crusoe met his friend … on the island.a) Monday b) Friday c) Tuesday d) Sunday e)Saturday 6. Robert Burns is a ……. poeta) English b) Scottish c) Welsh d) Ireland e)American 7. The native Americans are…a) Americans b) Scotts c) Indians d) Englishmen e) Russians 8. What is the emblem of New Zealand?a) kangaroo b) bald eagle c) kiwi bird d) koala e)rose 9. What is the basic currency in Canada?a) dollar b) franc c) pound d) euro e) ruble 10. They call it “The Land of Songs” in Great Britain.a) England b) Scotland c) Wales d) Ireland b) America


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