привет)помогите написать сочинение по английскому "Гимн моего поколения"

реально ничего нет и в голову ничего не лезет(

Ответы и объяснения

Lie down, lie - have some fun,
from lying I did not diminish,
who is, he asked for the rudeness,
all just lying on askance.
Call us - we will respond back,
but are afraid to go - stumble,
We have long scared of exploration,
conducted dead ancestors.
Better we overpower desire.
You are doing - you have self-esteem,
and those who are learning the tricks,
from exams bald hunching.
Thank God, we do not put on
(to us from this very nemozhet)
we lay the heavenly manna,
We do not stand in the quest for nirvana.
Who runs, who goes, who are trying to -
No catch, no one will play,
he had his two-legged fork
draws a fork fork.
And at heart, a heart on Nochka whether
He gets stuck in the sand and the Sinking
lie side by side with us - equal ...
given to us, and he achieved.

нет,не подходит(
щас ешО поисчу))))))))
At the present stage, we seem to have forgotten that all people on Earth, brothers and sisters. I think that it's not cliche, but a universal truth that everyone should realize and accept. What about talking about the people living in one country. Hymn to me, it's not just beautiful music, but also a симовол unity of the nation, his Majesty and glory.
реально ничего нет и в голову ничего не лезет(
спасибо большое)))