СРОЧНО! Пожалуйста проверьте письмо! Задали написать неформальное письмо.

Hi Elina.

How are you? Christmas is coming! How will he celebrate? I will be celebrating at home with family. We will make a lot of Christmas cakes and cookies. And you have made the menu?

Anyway, we will be celebrating Christmas in school before the holidays. In my class, it is very difficult to organize celebrations. Little help from the teacher and my class is very disorganized. Also on Christmas in school, be a disco and a competition.

In the past year, several girls and boys brought food and pizza! This year I think will be the same. But last year, we did not have time to arrange contests. All were going to the contest, and then all went to the disco.

It would be nice if you could come to us for Christmas! With my class a very fun .This year we also participate in the competition, and we have best idea! Be sure to come!

Well, I must finish. Waiting for an answer!

With love, Laura.


Ответы и объяснения

Мне понравилось
Но только добавь слова благодарности за ее предыдущее письмо. Англичане это любят, проверено на собственном опыте
How are the things going on? Did something new happen in your life? Having received your letter, I wanted to answer it immediately. But I was working a lot during the last two weeks. So I was pressed for time and did not manage to carry out my intentions. (как вариант начала тоже)

Cпасибо большое. А точно всё правильно? Я насчет 4 абзаца сомневаюсь.
Очень неплохо! Так, мелкие улучшения - порядок слов и забыли кое-где глаголы поставить.

Пишу с телефона, поэтому весь Ваш текст не сумел скопировать, внизу - предложения и фразы, требующие улучшения.

How will he celebrate? - How will you celebrate it?

And you have made the menu? -
Have you made the menu?

Little help from the teacher ... - There is little help from the teacher....

Also on Christmas in school, be disco an a competition - Also for Christmas in school, there will be a disco (тж. можно сказать dance), and a _______ competition.
(какой конкурс, конкурс чего? Например, cooking competition)

All were going - Everybody was going

... come to us... -... join us ...

With my class is very fun - It's fun with my class.

...we have THE best idea.