Помогите написать сочинение к другу в америке на английском языке по темам: we are doing a project at school, how computers are changing people slives. please, could you tell me how computers are changing things and what people think of them have you got a computer at home?


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америкос отвечает :

There are many different ways that the computer changed things and the lives of people. Some people might say that it changed the world because now people can communicate with other people much more easily than writing a letter to them and having them write back to you. But the real information, according to the point of view of many Americans is that we can find information on what's going on in the world or information for a paper that we have to write for school.Now that the computer and more specifically, the Internet have been introduced to the world it has made getting information much easier than it used to be. When computers were not introduced yet, people had to go to libraries and search through encyclopedias and find out the information by doing that much work. Now it is easier and much more efficient to find the information that you need to find out about the world and other information that is needed to know.