Измените предложения, поставив их в вопросительную форму:

1. We have mathematics today. Have we mathematics today?

2. This is a nice town.

3. You are an engineer.

4. My friend has English books.

5. There is a new stadium in the town.

6. I have a beautiful picture.

7. She has many relatives.

8. They have a flat in Moscow.

9. She has an uncle.

10. We have a clever dog.

11. There are two lifts in the house.

12. He is a worker.

13. I am very busy.

14. They have a car.


Ответы и объяснения

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2. Is this a nice town?
3. Are you an engineer?
4. Does my friend has English books?
5. Is there a new stadium in the town?
6. Do I have a beautiful picture.
7. Does she have many relatives?
8. Do they have a flat in Moscow?
9. Does she have an uncle?
10. Do we have a clever dog?
11. Are there two lifts in the house?
12. Is he a worker?
13. Am I very busy?
14. Do they have a car?
2.      Is this a nice town?
3.      Are you an engineer?
4.     Does my friend have English books?
5.      Is there a new stadium in the town?
6.     Do I have a beautiful picture?
7.      Does she have many relatives?
8.      Do they have a flat in Moscow?
9.      Does she have an uncle?
10.  Do we have a clever dog?
11.  Are there two lifts in the house?
12.  Is he a worker?
13.  Am I very busy?
14.  Do they have a car?