Діалог на 1 з тем
a) Do you agree that music, television and movies cross the boundaries? Why?
b) Does a new generation appear on the world scene? Prove your opinion.
c) Do computers create a new kind of neighbourhood? Why?
d) What are the new ways of learning English?
e) Do teenagers like to be different?
f) What is Weblish? Why did it appear?


Ответы и объяснения

-hello Tom!what did you doing here?
-Hay,Jane!Nice to meet you!I`m going to go to the video shop.
-For what?
-I need to buy a new film in english.
-did you saw english films?do ypu like it?it`s so hard...i think it`s so boaring
-nooo thats false!I`m improving my language this way!
-really...don`t know about it...
-Yes!It`s a really good thing...
-yes...now i`m thinking of truying it..did you heard about foreign internships?
-ofcourse!That`s the best way of learning, but it coast a lot of money...
-yes...that`s sad,but really necessary, it helps you to overcome the languge barrier.
-yees,that`s very intresting...ok,i need to go ,do you want to go in the video shop with me?
-lets go than!