Перефразируйте и дополните предложения по образцу
Образец-Maybe it'll be nice tomorrow.-If it is nice tomorrow, I'm going (I shall go) to the park.
1.Maybe it'll snow next week.2.Perhaps it'll be too late in an hour.3.Maybe the boss will have more time after lunch.4.Maybe it won't rain in the morning.5.Evidently everybody will leave at the end of the week.6.Maybe we'll have enough money some day7.I hope father will have some free time on Saturday.K.Maybe David won't come to class tomorrow.9.I think you'll be hungry after class.10.Maybe he'll win the contest.11.Maybe she will marry this fellow.12.Perhaps this doctor will help you.13.Maybe we'll be lucky.14.it looks like rain outside


Ответы и объяснения

1.If it snow next week I wont go to school because the way will be too slipperly.
2.If you arrive at 12 a.m. it will be too late.
3.If the boss will have more time after lunch we will try to  tell him about our problem.
4.If it dry outside tomorrow morning I will go th school on foot.
12.If doctor help you,I will say him thanks doc.
13.If we are lucky,it will be nice reason for having a good night party.
14.If it is rainy outside,we wont hang out.
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