Помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение на тему "Автомобиль.Описание автомобиля".Максимум на пол страницы
Очень вас прошу.Пожалуйста!!! На английском языке!


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Hyundai i20 ( Hyundai i20) - the personification of modern urban car. Bright and stylish on the outside , spacious and versatile inside , the car combines comfort , safety and reliability in an affordable and economically integrated solution.
A rational approach to design has helped to create a car with a spacious interior that has broad possibilities of transformation that can carry a lot of cargo. As conspicuous appearance of Hyundai i20, the interior differs wonderful design.
Bright and modern interior Hyundai i20 is a real event in the world of design . The car is equipped with the equipment , well connected and has its ergonomics.
Be sure that in all that concerns the security model Hyundai i20 - your reliable ally. Pedestrian safety is not disregarded . If a pedestrian unexpectedly falls under the car , the front of the car is designed in such a way as to absorb the impact energy of the collisioп
Не слишком накручено для 5-9 класса? тем более речь идет о машинах в целом а не об отдельном экземпляре
9 класс.Можно определенно про одну машину
Тогда извините за вмешательство