write a letter to your pen friend
1. the things you are fond
2. your favourite subject
3. the things you like doing at home
4. the collection you have got
5. a club you go or going to join
6. your favourite sport and a sportsman


Ответы и объяснения

Адрес написать не забудь.

Dear Sam,
I'm glad to hear you again. I think that you are OK. So I would like to tell you about my hobbie. I like (что ты любишь делать в свободное время). I like spending my time on it. In school i like Physical Educationand English very much, it's my favourite subjects. At home, I like to listen to music or to watch TV. I like to collect (что ты коллекционируешь). I like my collection very much. I would like to join football club, but i haven't got a lot of free time. As my favourite sport is fooball. My favourite footballer is (Кто любимый футболист).And what about you? What is your favourite sport?
With best wishes,
(имя свое)