МНОГО ПУНКТОВ!!! напишите не очень сложный рассказ на английском о флаге России Великобритании или США (4-5предложений)


Ответы и объяснения

Flag , filled with fire,Blooming forth like the dawn ,And a thin gold on itThree prowess off:That hammer free labor ,Sickle bending castThe five-pointed starGold with a border .Was defeated by the people's enemyPeople's handAnd a hundred people a flagFluttering above him -At the highest elevation,At the farthest latitudeAmong the fields and cities,Between the waves of countless series.In it - the human hiAnd the simpler the flag in the world is ;In it - the glory of our hot colorAnd the hotter the flag in the world is ;In it - our strength menacing light -Stronger in the world is not the flag ;In it - though our red years -Truthfully flag in the world there !