Explain why students chose different clubs. Write down five sentences with "I like / He / She likes ..." Use Ex. 108 p. 33 in your Student's Book. …
Example: Ann chose the Journalists Club because she likes writing abount different school events.
1. Ted chote the computer because
2. Kirilll chose the Photography Club because
3. Natalie chost the Dancing Club because
4. Larisa chose the Nature Club because
5. I chose


Ответы и объяснения

Как писать если я не вижу ex. 108 p. 33???
1)…he likes computer games
2)…he likes make photos
3)…she like dancing 
4)…she likes to explore (иследовать) her
5)а это придумай своё,и напиши по моему примеру
…swimming club because Ilike to swim

всё элементарно!!!!!!! 1-й класс
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